Offshore Banking Options for U.S. Citizens and Residents - Account Opening Service $500.00 - $1,000.00  
Opening an International bank account and a brokerage account for your International Company is a key step in the process of diversifying assets outside the jurisdiction of the United States and a key step in securing your future.

Most of our International Incorporation packages include account opening services. We accomplish this, for the most part, without our client (the account signatory) needing to travel. The process can however be daunting, as the “Know Your Client” (KYC) due diligence checks made by the various Institutions and Banking Service Providers are very thorough. You will need to provide detailed information on the purpose of incorporating and the source of funds to be used to capitalize the company (or Trust). Certified Copies of a passport, a drivers’ License, a proof of residential address and a professional or banking reference are also required - and these are all required BEFORE we can begin the incorporation or Trust formation process.

Fortunately, a new generation of FinTech banking service providers has recently entered the market, giving us respite from what had become a horrendous underwriting procedure engaged upon by every offshore bank, wherein every applicant was looked upon as a criminal until proven otherwise. With the arrival of FinTech we are often able to provide scanned and uploaded documents rather than old school “hard copies” notarized and certified and shipped by FedEx around the world several times (before an approval could be given). FinTech has partnered with and given us access to banks that previously would have been inaccessible due to extremely high opening balance requirements.  FinTech has given us access to multi-currency bank accounts with IBAN numbers and “local” accounts all over the world, all within an app on a device that we can carry everywhere. Yes, looking at recent developments, we are optimistic for the future!

Because of laws and regulations such as FATCA, opening accounts for U.S. citizens and residents is certainly more challenging than for a European citizen for example, but we are continually researching, testing, and developing our relationships.  Our Bank Account Opening Service is included with most of our International Incorporation Packages and our success rate is high, but please note however, that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to open an account as this process is out of our control and conditional upon the Bank's policies and procedures. In the rare circumstance that we are unable to open an account for you, we will refund the account opening fee, but we DO NOT refund the fees paid for the incorporation packages.

Please note that the fee that we charge for account opening services will be clearly indicated in your invoice that will be presented to you prior to you becoming a client. Please also note the the fee charged rarely covers our costs, as the process is extremely time intensive. We offer the service out of necessity and as a service to our clients. Please note that the Banks themselves may also charge an "account opening fee" - this is common when an international company search must be completed or if the bank agrees to open the account remotely (without a personal visit). This fee is usually payable only when the account has been opened and is usually deducted from your initial deposit.

One of the keys to our account opening success is the provision of “Nominee” Director services in our packages, so the Director deals with the banking service provider throughout the entire process until an account approval is given, at which time, the bank will release the new account details, login/passwords etc. only to the account signatories.  

The selection of the banking service provider is best left with the Director and will be made after consideration of all factors including the purpose of incorporation, jurisdiction of incorporation, intended use of the account, nationality/residency of account signatories and shareholders and other factors. If you have specific requirements for banking in a certain jurisdiction for example because you want to operate an e-commerce business, this should be discussed with one of our senior consultants PRIOR to incorporation.