Annual "Trustee" Services - $2500.00  
The Trustee is in control of the trust assets, the Trustee is under a legal obligation to maintain the trust property in the best possible manner for the benefit of the members of the beneficial class. The Trustee MUST be located outside of the United States, or the Trust would be subject to the order of a United States Court and deemed a UNITED STATES TRUST.

The basic annual trustee fee is a flat fee of US$2500.00 and includes the management of a simple Trust Bank Account. However, upon renewal, where the trustee is managing liquid assets in excess of US$1M, the trustee fees will be assessed at the rate of 0.5% of the value of those funds under management. Certain costs/expenses will be also be incurred by the Trust Fund, for example: Trust Account bank fees and for U.S. Settlors' an annual U.S. tax filing (form 3520a).

From time to time the trustee will be required to execute certain documents (such as annual stockholder proxies etc); The annual Trustee Fee includes such document execution. It does not however include transactions such as the transfer of assets, or other special requests and these will be billed separately according to the time, effort and expertise required to complete the transaction.