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Saint Lucia as an Offshore Asset Protection Jurisdiction  
St. Lucia is one has one of the most prominent financial services centres in the world. It offers companies a host of offshore financial and banking services in a variety of sectors, the most popular of which is their International Business Company. A St. Lucian IBC is one of the world's finest offshore formation vehicles, due to its simplicity, low annual fees and flexibility.

The country boasts of a modern legal and financial framework enshrined within the International Business Companies Act 1999. Although the jurisdiction is relatively new in the world of offshore financial services, its assortment of offshore products that can be used in conjunction with a St. Lucian IBC include: an offshore trust, a mutual fund company, an insurance company, and offshore bank formation opportunities. These give clients unprecedented prospects in diversifying their international offshore business portfolio.

St. Lucia's financial system has never been blacklisted nor has it received much international attention from foreign financial regulatory agencies, escaping unnecessary scrutiny. However, it retains strong anti-laundering and anti-fraudulent policies that has kept the St. Lucian offshore banking and company formation industries both secure and reliable.

While St. Lucia has a history of strategic importance, for over 150 years the English and the French fought for control of the island, it is quickly earning a name for itself in the 21st century as a leading offshore banking and financial centre.

Privacy in Saint Lucia  
Saint Lucia has cleverly adopted its IBC laws to meet the stringent reporting requirements of most OECD countries WITHOUT compromising shareholder privacy in the following ways:

1. The Registrar (public record) only maintains Company information and NOT shareholder and Officer information.

2. Saint Lucia laws do require disclosure of shareholder/beneficial ownership BUT only to the Registered Agent and is maintained confidentially.

3. Unaudited financial statements must be provided to the Registered Agent and the Registrar updates whether the Company is compliant, but again, the Registrar NEVER sees the financial records. 

4. The Registered Agent will never release information to private parties (creditors) and is only required to provide information to the Saint Lucia Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) upon request if the FIA is satisfied that there is a crime involving any law in force in Saint Lucia, an agreement for tax purposes or an agreement for mutual legal assistance (i.e. requires the involvement of a foreign Government).
Offshore Banking Overview  
Having funds secured away OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES in an International Bank Account is extremely important in times when currency controls and government interference are getting more and more brazen... If you are targeted and ALL YOUR FUNDS are within the United States, it could ALL EASILY BE SEIZED in a single day....a VERY BAD DAY, leaving you unable to mount a legal defense since you will have NO ACCESS TO YOUR OWN MONEY.

The principal goal of International Asset Protection is to place your assets outside of the jurisdiction of the country's court system where you are resident. With regard to liquid assets, the primary way to accomplish this is by moving funds offshore using Offshore Bank Accounts held by either a foreign corporation / Limited Limited Company or by establishing a Bahamas International Asset Protection (Legacy) Trust.
Offshore Banking for U.S. Citizens/Residents  
Opening an International bank account and a brokerage account for your foreign entity is a key step in the process of diversifying assets outside the jurisdiction of the United States and a key step in securing your future.

While some of our International Entity Packages include "account opening" services, others do not. In addition to any account opening services provided, once you become a client, you will be eligible to receive a "Hot list of International Banks" along with suitability and contact information that will enable you to deal directly with the banks to establish accounts, often without the need to travel. Banks in some jurisdictions however, such as Hong Kong, do require a personal meeting. 

Please note that we do not charge for a "bank introduction service" - this is a controversial process wherein a client pays a fee ranging from USD 500-1500 for the "introduction" to a bank. Often the bank subsequently denies the account opening and you are left with a very bad taste in your mouth since (in almost all cases) the "introduction fee" is not refundable. Instead, we make a small charge of $250.00 that covers the cost of the necessary documentation preparation and certifications that the bank will need to complete the application.

Banks themselves may however charge an "account opening fee" - this is common in Asia when an international company search must be completed or if the bank agrees to open the account remotely (without a personal visit). This fee is usually payable only when the account has been opened and is usually deducted from your initial deposit.
Tax/FATCA Reporting for U.S. Persons with Offshore Trusts / Companies / Assets / Financial Accounts   

Offshore tax reporting has gotten complicated, but with the right help, it is really no more complicated than preparing a tax return for a U.S. corporation! The problem is that there are many corporate service providers, both offshore and onshore, that "hard sell" offshore entities to a client without any disclosure whatsoever of these reporting requirements.

We feel that the marketing of offshore entities to U.S. Persons without full disclosures of their tax reporting requirements is grossly unethical. We have listed these I.R.S. Reporting Requirements on this website and even included very detailed explanations of each of the I.R.S. Offshore Reporting FORMS related to these offshore entities that can be provided to your accountant or CPA and once you become a client we will provide you with reminder notices in advance of the filing deadlines of the various forms. Accountants are becoming more and more familiar with these I.R.S. Offshore Reporting FORMS but if you would like a referral to an accountant that specializes in this area, please contact us.

REMEMBER: We will prevail by keeping our wealth outside the US and invested in assets that will protect and grow our wealth. That is the mission of today´s international investor."

Saint Lucia IBC & Offshore Bank a/c Package  

This package was created as a "first step" into international asset protection (when standing alone) OR as a "bullet proof" asset protection solution when combined with a Bahamas Offshore Asset Protection Trust. Asset protection uses include holding assets such Intellectual Property or liquid assets to be held outside of the jurisdiction of a U.S. court. Opening an offshore bank account and perhaps a brokerage account for your IBC is a key step in the process of diversifying assets outside the jurisdiction of the United States and a key step in protecting your assets.

By packaging and automating services rather than providing countless "custom" services, we have been able to provide a comprehensive yet inexpensive package that is unmatched in the industry:

Saint Lucia IBC & Offshore Bank a/c Package includes:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • 50,000 shares @ US$1.00 par value
  • Government Registration Fee
  • Registered office/Agent Service
  • Offshore Nominee Director and records custodian
  • Basic Mail Receiving/Forwarding Service
  • IRS election as a FDE - if requested by U.S. person
  • Offshore Reglatory KYC Administration
  • Offshore Bank account opened with a Caribbean based International bank. 
  • Hot list of International Banks to facilitate further account openings

Price: $2400.00
Pricing reduced (pro-rated) when starting service in quarters 2,3 or 4 order

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