Trust Establishment/Settlement Service - Included  
The Trust Instrument
This private agreement between the Settlor and the Trustee may be drawn up in many different ways in order to define the desires or concerns of the Settlor. While the specific instructions in the Trust Instrument, may vary, the necessary features are:
Initial Settlement (Asset Transfer)
The Trustee will work with you to effect the transfer of your assets to complete the settlement of the Trust. Our initial Settlement Service includes the preparation and execution of the necessary transfer documents to transfer up to 3 Memberships or Share transfers of either Nevada or Nevis Corporations/LLCs. We will consider Corporations or LLCs from other Jurisdictions, but reserve the right to require that you prepare these transfers yourself, or obtain professional services to facilitate the transfer.

Subsequent Asset Transfers (or special requests) will be billed separately according to the time, effort and expertise required to complete the transaction.