Nevada Corporate Bank Account Opening ($250.00 value)  
U.S. Citizens/Residents:
A Business Checking Account is an important step in establishing your new Nevada Corporation or LLC and because of this we make the account opening process simple and efficient without the requirement of a personal visit. An Out-of-state Drivers License or residency is not a problem. A Business checking account comes standard with a Visa© Debit Card and online banking. Our Bank Account Opening Service is included with ALL incorporation packages. Please note however that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to open an account as this process is out of our control and conditional upon the Bank's policies and procedures.

For the general public, almost without exception, Banks are requiring a personal visit before a Nevada Bank account can be opened and even then, if you do not have a Nevada Drivers License, you may be turned away! However, since 2000 we have continually developed our "banking relationships" and now only work with Bankers that make exceptions to the "personal visit requirement", whether it is because the signatory has a prior established relationship with the Bank in another state, or simply because the Banker is relying on our trusted relationship.

Please note however that a personal visit can sometimes NOT be avoided, especially when your name does not appear in the public record - i.e. when you purchase our "Nominee Services" (Gold Packages).

For further information, please review our Banking FAQ's.

FOREIGN Citizens/Residents:
In the years since 9/11 and the introduction of the Patriot Act, it has become EXTREMELY difficult for foreign persons to act as a signatory to a U.S. Corporate Bank Account . Banks may be heavily fined for opening accounts without "sufficiently knowing the customer". Since 2001 we have constantly developed and revised strategies to assist our international clients wanting to operate United States Businesses. Currently you may act as a direct signatory to your own Corporate Account with a major U.S. Bank.

REQUIREMENTS: Gold Incorporation Package AND a personal visit to a branch in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Bank will require a passport AND a secondary ID such as a Driver’s License or even a Credit Card issued by another bank.