State Required "State Business License" Filing Fee  

**This is a 2nd Tier Filing requirement almost never included by our competitors.

Per NRS 360.780, Once Incorporated, a Nevada Entity is required to pay for a State Business License ($200.00 for an LLC and $500.00 for a CORP). We include this with ALL incorporation packages. Most other Incorporators ”forget” to tell you about this requirement in order to keep their prices artificially low. The fee is paid to the Secretary of State, when the "Initial List" is due, then again annually. 

NRS 76.180 was amended to include stiff penalties for failing to renew a business license while still operating a business as follows:
1. Every person (corporation or LLC) who conducts a business in this State and who willfully fails or neglects to obtain or renew a state business license as required by this chapter and to pay the fees required by NRS 76.100 and 76.130 is subject to a fine of not less than $1,000 but not more than $10,000, to be recovered in a court of competent jurisdiction. (by the district attorney)