75,000 Shares no Par Value  

In order to “maximize” the capitalization of your Corporation for the payment of “minimum” required State fees, your Corporation will be formed with 75,000 shares of COMMON stock at NO par value.

If you have different needs, please review the fees below and give us "Special Instructions" when ordering.

State Fees for increased authorized capital:

$75,000 or less None
$75,001 and not over $200,000 $100.00
$200,001 and not over $500,000 $200.00
$500,001 and not over $1,000,000 $300.00
For the first $1,000,000 $300.00
For each additional $500,000 - or fraction thereof $275.00
Maximum fee $35,000.00

For the purpose of computing the filing fee, the value (capital) represented by the total number of shares authorized in the Articles of Incorporation is determined by computing:

  1. The total authorized shares multiplied by their par value or;
  2. The total authorized shares without par value multiplied by $1.00 or;
  3. The sum of (a) and (b) above if both par and no par shares.
  4. Filing fees are calculated on a minimum par value of one-tenth of a cent (0.001), regardless if the stated par value is less.
**PLEASE NOTE: Increased Capitalization will also result in similar increased annual filing fees.

As a result of the method the State uses to calculate fees, clients wanting to authorize the MAXIMUM amount of shares for the MINIMUM filing fees would choose to file the Articles of Incorporation as follows:

75,000,000 COMMON shares at a par value of $0.001 (of one-tenth of a cent)