Articles of Incorporation filed with the State ($75.00)  

Within hours of receiving your order, the Articles of Incorporation documents are transmitted electronically to the Secretary of State. The State filing fee is only $75.00, but there are additional 2nd Tier filings required within 60 days.

Enhanced Privacy Services:

1. For ultimate privacy, we prepare the articles of organization using an alternate Nevada Registered Agent (other than so there is no public record link between your company and, making it virtually impossible to track down you corporate or billing records.
2. When purchasing the Gold or Bronze PLUS Incorporation Package, we automatically provide an "Offshore" Corporation to act as the "Manager" of your LLC, or an "Offshore Director" to act as Director, President, Secretary and Treasurer of your Corporation. This strategy provides you with maximum privacy and protection because the offshore manager or Director is outside the jurisdiction of a U.S. Court and therefore not subject to the subpeona power of the court. This service is often not available from our competitors, or if available may cost up to $1000.00 per year in additional fees. N.B. The appointment of an "offshore" officer in NO way creates ANY offshore tax reporting issues or any special IRS filings whatsoever.