Foreign State Filing Service $450-$600 (price varies by state)  

If you plan to clearly create a business presence in a state other than Nevada then you should add this service so that the Nevada Corporation or LLC will have the right to conduct business in your foreign state. In this way the Officers/Directors/Managers/Members liability is determined under Nevada law if a plaintiff attempts to pierce the corporate veil.

It is usually very easy to maintain your privacy from the public record, even in your home State, by incorporating in Nevada with the use of privacy or nominee services, then filing as a "Foreign Corporation or LLC" in the State where you wish to conduct business confidentially. This service is available in any State, by purchasing the Bronze PLUS Incorporation Package and adding this Foreign Filing Service, but since we have had many client requests, we have developed special programs for California and Florida.

The Foreign Filing Service meets all the necessary foreign state filing requirements including:

In short we take care of the necessary paperwork and payment of fees to complete the filing in the most efficient way possible. Thereafter on an annual basis we will complete the annual foreign state requirements in order to keep your Corporation or LLC in good Legal Standing in the foreign state. You will be billed annually for the foreign state Commercial Registered Agent Service and foreign state annual filing fees.

** Fees cover most states. Some states impose high filing fees (e.g.. Texas)- you will be informed if this is the case prior to your order being processed.

Important Note: If you do not intend to create a clear presence in another state, you should consider the following: Many States take the position that when the President, Treasurer and Director of a Nevada Corporation or the Manager of a Nevada LLC (those public record offices) are residents of their State, then the Company is clearly being managed from that state and is therefore doing business in that state and should therefore complete a foreign filing and pay taxes there. In order to eliminate this eventuality, many of our clients opt to upgrade to the Gold Incorporation Package.