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“Please allow me a moment to say "Thank you..." Funny how, "the little things sometimes matter the most." Your taking the time to help in an unsolicited manner speaks volumes. It demonstrates your true understanding of customer service.”
- Frank, Attorney, Calif

California Private Incorporation - Maintain Your Anonymity  

This service is designed specifically for persons wishing to operate a anonymous California LLC or anonymous California Corporation. The service includes the incorporation of a NEVADA Corporation or LLC using privacy or nominee services, then making a FOREIGN FILING in CALIFORNIA. We take care of all the documentation and all filings with the Secretary of State in BOTH STATES while maintaining your privacy completely. Additionally if a plaintiff attempts to pierce the corporate veil the Officers/ Directors/ Managers/ Members liability is determined under Nevada law NOT California, providing significantly more protection than simply incorporating in California.

Our service includes: Incorporation State Fees for (Nevada & California), Commercial Registered Agent service (Nevada & California), essential record keeping, Privacy Services: Nominee Officer/Director/Manager, but no office features or mail forwarding, although a Nevada address is included with the Secretary of State filings in BOTH Nevada and California.

Within hours of receiving your order, documents are transmitted electronically to the Nevada Secretary of State. The State files these documents usually within 30 minutes and your new Corporation or LLC is created. The electronic transmission of documents has effectively eliminated the need to pay the Secretary of State fee of $125.00 for an "Expedited Filing Service", so if another corporate service provider (our competition) asks you to pay this... don't be a fool... incorporate with The California Foreign Registration takes an additional 7 days.

Please Note that our definition of "anonymous" means that your name will NOT be entered into the PUBLIC RECORDS of either the Nevada or California Secretary of States'.

Package Includes:

  • Nevada Incorporation Articles filed with State ($75.00) more
  • 75,000 No Par Value Shares (Corps only) more
  • Nevada Required "Initial Officers/Managers List" Filing Fee (US$150.00) description
  • Nevada Required "State Business License" Filing Fee (LLC $200 CORP $500) description
  • Certificate of Status in "Good Standing" from the State of Nevada ($75.00)
  • California Certificate of Authority filed with State ($100.00)

LLC Price: $1870.00 order

CORP Price: $2170.00 order

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