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“Thank you Nevada123, for your commitment and your professionalism. You made my experience with your process a smooth one. Your consultants are knowledgeable and patient. They have helped me tremendously to understand and learn. Their advice was genuine and right on point. I intensely researched, looking into other companies and their websites. Your site was well put together and informative. It was all the small things that made my choice as easy as 123 in choosing you guys. Sincerely thank you again.
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General Incorporation FAQ’s  
Will my Corporation or LLC need a County or City Business License?   
All Nevada Counties require a Business License except one: Douglas County, does not require, or even issue Business Licenses. The cost is not generally significant (about US$100.00) but the real issue here is Privacy:

A business License application requires the applicant to release information about the owners. So even though The Stockholders or Members are not listed in the Secretary of State records an attorney can simply obtain a copy of the Business License to obtain this information.

If you want to safeguard against lawsuits, privacy is important! If your business is based in Las Vegas, Reno or Carson City you will be required to apply for a County business license annually and reveal ownership information.

So because your Corporate Offices will be located in Lake Tahoe (Douglas County), the Stockholders privacy is protected. No local Business License application is required and any information we maintain on your Corporation or LLC is held in the strictest confidence.

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