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“Please allow me a moment to say "Thank you..." Funny how, "the little things sometimes matter the most." Your taking the time to help in an unsolicited manner speaks volumes. It demonstrates your true understanding of customer service.”
- Frank, Attorney, Calif

"24 hours and the company was established! Excellent service, very nice and helpful people at the office - both on phone and via their online support system. We will most certainly use your services again when we need them!.”
- K.R., Germany

"After researching asset protection and cost of attorney's to help with this I could not believe that Nevada Corporation Services could do all they said for the prices they were quoting. You know the "if it is to good too be true" line. So I got on a plane flew to Reno, rented a car, and spent a few days in Lake Tahoe, NV just to take a look. I am happy to report I was very impressed with the complete operation. The staff is professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. I have been a happy customer ever since and look forward to a long relationship."

- John, Arizona

“Your consultant offered his experience and time in considering my corporate needs and came up with a solution even my experienced accountant did not think of.”
- Jana, Florida

“I must say, in all my days of dealing with "nominee" positions such as yours (twelve years now), I have never seen a more efficient operation than yours.”
- David, California

"I think the service is exceptional. It's really been a long time since I was provided with that level of intelligent, speedy and up to the letter to what was promised type of service. You are way ahead of most of service oriented businesses in this country.”
- Greg, California

“Nevada Corporation Services works for me! Great Services!”
- Ken, Washington

We offer Professional Business Incorporation as well as simple, yet effective Asset Protection through the use of Nevada Limited Liability Companies, Wyoming Limited Liability Companies, Nevada Corporations and Wyoming Corporations as well as more advanced Asset Protection through the use of Offshore Companies and Offshore Asset Protection Trusts

Corporation and LLC Privacy Services  

Protect your assets AND your confidential information with our Privacy Services. We have some of the BEST privacy services
available anywhere!

Offshore Banking Overview  
Having funds secured away OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES in an International Bank Account is extremely important in times when currency controls and government interference are getting more and more brazen... If you are targeted and ALL YOUR FUNDS are within the United States, it could ALL EASILY BE SEIZED in a single day....a VERY BAD DAY, leaving you unable to mount a legal defense since you will have NO ACCESS TO YOUR OWN MONEY.

The principal goal of International Asset Protection is to place your assets outside of the jurisdiction of the country's court system where you are resident. With regard to liquid assets, the primary way to accomplish this is by moving funds offshore using Offshore Bank Accounts held by either a foreign corporation / Limited Limited Company or by establishing a Bahamas International Asset Protection (Dynasty) Trust.
International Asset Protection  
The NEXT STEP in Asset Protection is the use of International Asset Protection Structures. International Asset Protection is superior to Nevada Asset Protection because your assets are placed outside the jurisdiction of a United States Court. An International Business Company (IBC) can be utilized to manage offshore assets such as International Bank and Brokerage Accounts, while the use of an International Trust is the ultimate protection since once your assets are GIFTED to the Trust YOU NO LONGER HAVE ANY OWNERSHIP INTEREST and there are NO ASSETS FOR FUTURE CREDITORS TO PURSUE, providing you with BULLET PROOF ASSET PROTECTION.
Why Nevada or Wyoming Incorporation?  
Why choose us?  

As well as true professionalism, integrity, continually striving to do the "right thing" and commitment to the best job possible, we offer the following:

GET STARTED: Incorporate a Nevada Corporation or Nevada LLC: Review our Incorporation Packages.
We do not charge just to "file" documents with the State: You pay State Fees ONLY!
ALL Incorporation Packages include ALL STATE FILING FEES necessary during the first year.
Our competitors rarely tell you about 2nd Tier filings, concealing the actual complete cost of incorporation!
Here is another change that many competitors will not tell you about: As a result of the passing of SB60, the Secretary of State may now request copies of Operating Agreements/Bylaws as well as the Stock Ledger and/or Membership Listing from the Registered Agent - As a result we have improved our Privacy Services - CHOOSE THE BEST PROVIDER!....... Choose!
Nevada and Wyoming Asset Protection  

In the US, 80 million lawsuits are filed every year. Find out how to use the law to YOUR advantage: Find out how to legally protect your assets and your family’s future! has a package that can be implemented quickly, within the law and within your budget.


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