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Nevada & Wyoming Shelf or "Aged" (Pre-Formed/Existing) Companies  
Reasons why I need a Nevada or Wyoming Shelf Company  

There are many uses for a Nevada or Wyoming Shelf Corporation or Nevada or Wyoming Shelf Limited Liability Company. Our Clients have chosen a Shelf Corporation or LLC over a "new" company for many reasons including:

  • Transactional urgency
  • Enhancement of corporate image
PLEASE NOTE: There are many perfectly legitimate and legal uses of such companies. We will not accept an order from a client whom we believe will use the company for fraudulent or deceptive purposes.
Our Shelf Companies Explained  

These are "true" shelf companies, in that they were incorporated, then simply sat "on the shelf". They have never done any business and therefore do not have any liabilities. No stock or membership interest has ever been issued. These companies all have IRS EIN Numbers. Unlike some Registered Agents, we have taken excellent care of these Companies, investing in them every year by paying for and making the annual Secretary of State list filing AND the annual State Business License to keep them in "Continual Good Standing".

Please Note: Usually, you will need to add an Annual Renewal Service Package to complete your order, however this is not absolutely necessary as we are willing to sell our inventory outright. Please contact us for details.

Other services often added are these:

You may substitute any available name [click to search] for those you see here, we will file an Expedited Name Change (and the incorporation date will remain the same).

The following is a listing of currently available Nevada Shelf Companies.

Company Incorporation Date Entity Type Purchase Price Order
2017 Shelf Companies
(original Incorp. NV)
$2,500.00 Order
2014 Shelf Companies
United Enterprises Group, LLC Dec 31, 2014 Wyoming LLC
(original Incorp. NV)
$3,000.00 Order
2013 Shelf Companies
Direct Management LLC Dec 16, 2013 Wyoming LLC
(original Incorp. NV)
$3,500.00 Order
2007 Shelf Companies
Intellectual Rights, Ltd Jan 24, 2007 Nevada LLC
$5,500.00 Order
2006 Shelf Companies
The Nevada Partnership LLC
Jan. 23, 2006 Nevada LLC $5,500.00 Order
2000 Shelf Companies
Oct. 24, 2000 Nevada LLC
$12,000.00 Order

R = Reserved/Pending Payment
Order a Nevada Shelf Company  
PLEASE NOTE: All shelf company purchases MUST be paid by wire transfer. If you wish, you may pay the annual service package and any state fees due by credit card. If you wish to split the payment in this way, please choose "pay by secure credit card" when ordering. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please call and speak to a consultant.

Basic Shelf
Company Price

Shelf Company
Renewal Pkg

Shelf Company
Bronze PLUS
Renewal Pkg
Shelf Company
Renewal Pkg
Shelf Company
Silver Exec.
Renewal Pkg
Shelf Company
Renewal Pkg
Shelf Company
Gold Exec.
Renewal Pkg
Order Order Order Order Order Order
Order Order Order Order Order Order
Order Order Order Order Order Order
Order Order Order Order Order Order
Order Order Order Order Order Order
Order Order Order Order Order Order
Order Order Order Order Order Order

Any State filing fees coming due during the first year of service will be invoiced in the anniversary month of incorporation of the entity.  

Shelf Company "Expedited Name Change"   

When purchasing a shelf company you may choose to substitute any available name [click to search], we will file an Expedited Name Change (and the incorporation date will remain the same).

Price: $300.00 Optional "Add On" when ordering

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