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Nevada Asset Protection  
Nevada Asset Protection Tutorial  
How can I protect business assets?  

Asset Protection for businesses is much the same as asset protection for individuals. Safe Assets must be kept separated from High Risk Assets by the use of multiple Nevada Investment Holding LLC's.

A Business that holds title to a building out of which it operates is taking unnecessary risks. A liability produced by either the building or the business would jeopardize the other. For example, a problem arising from the building would produce a claim against the equipment, accounts receivable, and cash in the business. Likewise a liability arising from the business would jeopardize the equity in the building. The building should absolutely be separated from the business by holding it in a separate LLC. High Risk Assets must be kept separate from each other asset.

Intellectual property should also be separated from the business by holding it in a separate Nevada Investment Holding LLC.

For "Extreme High Risk Assets" such as: High risk Intellectual Property, High risk Domain Names and Web Sites and Liquid Assets to be held outside of the jurisdiction of a U.S. Court, the use of  Offshore Incorporation Services should be considered.

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