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Welcome to the International Services Area  
We offer Professional Business Incorporation as well as simple, yet effective Asset Protection through the use of Nevada and International Companies as well as International Asset Protection Trusts. Please choose the areas that interest you below, or use the navigation to the left of the page.

International Asset Protection Overview  

There are currently over 1,200,000 lawyers in the United States. A large percentage of these lawyers, (estimated to be as high as 36%) are either unemployed or underemployed. And 80% of the world's lawyers live in the United States of America. You can be sued by anyone, at anytime, for anything! What does this come down too? Legal Extortion!

This may sound dramatic, but once you are served with a law suit, even if you are completely innocent, what are your options? Settle out of court and pay off the plaintiff or pay an attorney $5,000 to $10,000 MONTHLY, to defend your innocence! ......

Find out how to use the law to YOUR advantage: Find out how to legally protect your assets and your family’s future! has a package that can be implemented quickly, within the law and within your budget:

Asset Confiscation - an ever increasing risk  
International diversification is a fundamental protection because it allows you to move a portion of your wealth outside of the United States or your home country.

Most people hold all of their savings in bank or brokerage accounts, that can be quickly frozen by any number of government agencies with nothing more than a phone call. This happens every single day to innocent, law abiding, people who have never done anything wrong. Banks routinely freeze customers’ accounts because they find completely normal transactions to be ‘suspicious’. Even the United States Internal Revenue Service freely admits to having seized over $17 million dollars from hundreds of business owners when 91% of them were proven to be completely innocent (read article).

If the thought of waking up one day to find that all your accounts are frozen indefinitely is a scary thought and the process of suing your Government (with no way to pay attorneys) to get your own money back is more than daunting, then you should seriously consider Offshore Asset Protection and the establishment of an Bahamas International Asset Protection (Dynasty) Trust or a Nevis International Corporation or LLC
International Banking Overview  
Having funds secured away OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES in an International Bank Account is extremely important in times when currency controls and government interference are getting more and more brazen... If you are targeted and ALL YOUR FUNDS are within the United States, it could ALL EASILY BE SEIZED in a single day....a VERY BAD DAY, leaving you unable to mount a legal defense since you will have NO ACCESS TO YOUR OWN MONEY.

The principal goal of International Asset Protection is to place your assets outside of the jurisdiction of the country's court system where you are resident. With regard to liquid assets, the primary way to accomplish this is by moving funds offshore using Offshore Bank Accounts held by either a foreign corporation / Limited Limited Company or by establishing a Bahamas International Asset Protection (Dynasty) Trust.
International or Offshore Company Formation  
Forming an International Company is an excellent strategy for many reasons. Clients often choose this route as a first foray into the world of "Offshore Asset Protection", others have an international client base or a high risk business model and prefer an international solution to a U.S. one, even though the shareholders themselves may be U.S. persons.

If this is your first time considering an international solution, the process can be daunting, as the “Know Your Client” (KYC) due diligence checks made by the various offshore service providers, Banks and banking service providers are very thorough. You will need to provide detailed information on the purpose of incorporating and the source of funds to be used to capitalize the company (or Trust). Certified Copies of a passport, a Drivers’ License, a proof of residential address and a professional or banking reference are also required - and these are all required BEFORE we can begin the incorporation or Trust formation process.

Please choose the areas that interest you below, or use the navigation to the left of the page to explore the various options available.
Bahamas International Asset Protection (Dynasty) Trust   

The principal goal of offshore asset protection is to place your assets outside of the jurisdiction of the United States court system or outside of your country of residence. This can be accomplished by moving funds offshore using international bank accounts and international companies.

Clients (such as attorneys) with more experience with the U.S. court system generally choose a Bahamas International Asset Protection (Legacy) Trust structure as the basis for their asset protection, even if an international company such as a Nevis Corporation or LLC or a BVI BC is also added. The basic reason for this is that once assets have been transferred to an offshore trust, the client may appear in front of a judge and swear that they have no ownership or control over the asset in question.  Please follow this link to learn about this kind of structure.

Nevis International Corporation/LLC Package  

This package was created as a "first step" into international asset protection (when standing alone) OR as a "bullet proof" asset protection solution when combined with a Bahamas Offshore Asset Protection Trust. The Corporation/LLC facilitates the easy management of offshore assets including financial (liquid) assets, stock/membership in corporations/LLC's and almost any kind of asset you can think of. Once transferred, assets are then held outside of the jurisdiction of a U.S. court and are no longer owned by you.

Hong Kong Limited Company Package  

This package was created for those interested in joining the consistently rated  "world’s freest economy" by ( as well as those interested in accessing one of the world’s leading reputable international financial centers.  Opening an offshore bank account and perhaps a brokerage account for your Hong Kong Limited Company is a key step in the process of diversifying your business and your assets outside the jurisdiction of the United States and a key step in securing your future.

The Assault on Financial Privacy  
Kevin Brekke an editor at Casey Research, wrote an article in Mountain Vision entitled "The Assault on Financial Privacy goes on". At the end of the article, he summarizes as follows:

"Whatever the IRS has in store for US taxpayers, the only way to fight back is to keep what you have. And to do that means complying with reporting requirements no matter how offensive, intrusive, maddening, or unjust they are. Penalties are now defined by the IRS as a revenue raising measure. The new mindset is clear: If we can´t tax them, we will penalize them.

Unfortunately, a new era for individual privacy is upon us. We must sacrifice our financial privacy for our financial security. We will accomplish this by staying compliant with reporting requirements and safeguarding our wealth from confiscation via seizure and penalties.

We will prevail by keeping our wealth outside the US and invested in assets that will protect and grow our wealth. That is the mission of today´s international investor."

We at agree with this. You should stay compliant. It does not make any sense to create these offshore structures and fail to comply, subjecting yourself to substantial penalties. Do not get overwhelmed, stay focused on the goal:

Move a portion of your wealth outside of the United States or out of your home country so that you never risk having one government freeze or confiscate all your assets.... Governments all around the world can freeze and confiscate your assets without notice!
I.R.S. Reporting for U.S. Taxpayers with Offshore Trusts / Companies / Assets / Financial Accounts  
Implementing "Bullet Proof" Asset Protection for a U.S. tax payer requires forming an Bahamas International Asset Protection (Legacy) Trust and may also include adding an International Corporation / IBC / LLC.

The I.R.S. has developed complicated reporting of these offshore structures as well as offshore accounts and assets so we have tried to clarify and simplify the requirements here . The law provides for penalties for non-reporting and/or non-payment of the due tax on your offshore income or offshore income attributable to you directly or indirectly, so we recommend that you fully comply.

Offshore tax reporting has gotten complicated, but with the right help, it is really no more complicated than preparing a tax return for a U.S. corporation! The problem is that there are many corporate service providers, both offshore and onshore, that "hard sell" offshore entities to a client without any disclosure whatsoever of these reporting requirements.

We feel that the marketing of offshore entities to U.S. Persons without full disclosures of their tax reporting requirements is grossly unethical. We have listed these I.R.S. Reporting Requirements on this website and even included very detailed explanations of each of the I.R.S. Offshore Reporting FORMS related to these offshore entities that can be provided to your accountant or CPA and once you become a client we will provide you with reminder notices in advance of the filing deadlines of the various forms. Accountants are becoming more and more familiar with these I.R.S. Offshore Reporting FORMS but if you would like a referral to an accountant that specializes in this area, please contact us.

REMEMBER: We will prevail by keeping our wealth outside the US and invested in assets that will protect and grow our wealth. That is the mission of today´s international investor."


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