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International Banking Overview  
Having funds secured away OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES in an International Bank Account is extremely important in times when currency controls and government interference are getting more and more brazen... If you are targeted and ALL YOUR FUNDS are within the United States, it could ALL EASILY BE SEIZED in a single day....a VERY BAD DAY, leaving you unable to mount a legal defense since you will have NO ACCESS TO YOUR OWN MONEY.

The principal goal of International Asset Protection is to place your assets outside of the jurisdiction of the country's court system where you are resident. With regard to liquid assets, the primary way to accomplish this is by moving funds offshore using Offshore Bank Accounts held by either a foreign corporation / Limited Limited Company or by establishing a Bahamas International Asset Protection (Legacy) Trust.
Asset Confiscation  
International diversification is a fundamental protection because it allows you to move a portion of your wealth outside of the United States or your home country so that you never risk having one government freeze or confiscate all your assets.... Governments all around the world, from Cyprus to Europe to the United States, can freeze and confiscate your assets without notice!

If the thought of waking up one day to find that all your accounts are frozen indefinitely is a scary thought and the process of suing your Government (with no way to pay attorneys) to get your own money back is more than daunting, then you should seriously consider Offshore Asset Protection and the establishment of an Bahamas International Asset Protection (Legacy) Trust.
International Bank & Brokerage Account Opening  
Opening an International bank account and a brokerage account for your foreign entity is a key step in the process of diversifying assets outside the jurisdiction of the United States and a key step in securing your future.

While some of our International Entity Packages include "account opening" services, others do not. In addition to any account opening services provided, once you become a client, you will be eligible to receive a "Hot list of International Banks" along with suitability and contact information that will enable you to deal directly with the banks to establish accounts, often without the need to travel. Banks in some jurisdictions however, such as Hong Kong, do require a personal meeting. 

Please note that we do not charge for a "bank introduction service" - this is a controversial process wherein a client pays a fee ranging from USD 500-1500 for the "introduction" to a bank. Often the bank subsequently denies the account opening and you are left with a very bad taste in your mouth since (in almost all cases) the "introduction fee" is not refundable. Instead, we make a small charge of $250.00 that covers the cost of the necessary documentation preparation and certifications that the bank will need to complete the application.

Banks themselves may however charge an "account opening fee" - this is common in Asia when an international company search must be completed or if the bank agrees to open the account remotely (without a personal visit). This fee is usually payable only when the account has been opened and is usually deducted from your initial deposit.

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