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What is Offshore Asset Protection?   
The principal goal of Offshore Asset Protection is to place your assets outside of the jurisdiction of the United States court system. This can be accomplished by moving funds offshore using offshore bank accounts and offshore companies or it can be as simple as transferring stock of an existing U.S. Corporation to your newly formed Offshore Asset Protection Trust.

It is common to hear that "offshore planning requires substantial liquidity", usually because the Attorneys that require this, also require $10,000 - $50,000 in fees in order to provide you with the necessary Trust and Strategy. It is our goal to provide a (relativly) simple offshore asset protection structure, inexpensively, that will provide "Bullet Proof" Asset Protection.

The most important Offshore Asset Protection features are:
  • Placing your assets beyond the jurisdiction of U.S. Courts and out of harm’s way
  • Extreme Offshore Privacy Solutions that eliminate your name from any public record
  • Offshore Asset Protection Trusts (OAPTs) that allow you to "control everything, own nothing"
  • Offshore and domestic business entity formations
What steps can I take now to protect my assets?  

The principal goal of Offshore Asset Protection is to place your assets outside of the jurisdiction of the United States court system.

This can be as simple as purchasing an Bahamas International Asset Protection (Legacy) Trust and transferring stock and memberships of U.S. companies (your assets) to it. Taking this step now to secure your future is 100 times better than doing nothing!

To learn more about an Offshore Asset Protection Trust, please see our click here

Sometimes the solution is more complicated and requires the use of multiple LLC's, including domestic and offshore entities. If this is the case please contact us for a FREE consultation. If necessary, we will be happy to talk to your Attorney or CPA in order to arrive at the very best solution for you.

Please visit our Offshore Services page to learn about our Offshore Packages, including Trusts, LLC's and I.R.S. Compliance for foreign entities

Ready to get started? Purchase an Bahamas International Asset Protection (Legacy) Trust

IRS Reporting Requirements  
Implementing "Bullet Proof" Asset Protection for a U.S. tax payer requires forming an Bahamas International Asset Protection (Legacy) Trust and may also include adding an International Corporation / IBC / LLC.

The I.R.S. has developed complicated reporting of these offshore structures as well as offshore accounts and assets so we have tried to clarify and simplify the requirements here . The law provides for penalties for non-reporting and/or non-payment of the due tax on your offshore income or offshore income attributable to you directly or indirectly, so we recommend that you fully comply.

Offshore tax reporting has gotten complicated, but with the right help, it is really no more complicated than preparing a tax return for a U.S. corporation! The problem is that there are many corporate service providers, both offshore and onshore, that "hard sell" offshore entities to a client without any disclosure whatsoever of these reporting requirements.

We feel that the marketing of offshore entities to U.S. Persons without full disclosures of their tax reporting requirements is grossly unethical. We have listed these I.R.S. Reporting Requirements on this website and even included very detailed explanations of each of the I.R.S. Offshore Reporting FORMS related to these offshore entities that can be provided to your accountant or CPA and once you become a client we will provide you with reminder notices in advance of the filing deadlines of the various forms. Accountants are becoming more and more familiar with these I.R.S. Offshore Reporting FORMS but if you would like a referral to an accountant that specializes in this area, please contact us.

REMEMBER: We will prevail by keeping our wealth outside the US and invested in assets that will protect and grow our wealth. That is the mission of today´s international investor."

The Assault on Financial Privacy  
Kevin Brekke an editor at Casey Research, wrote an article in Mountain Vision entitled "The Assault on Financial Privacy goes on". At the end of the article, he summarizes as follows:

"Whatever the IRS has in store for US taxpayers, the only way to fight back is to keep what you have. And to do that means complying with reporting requirements no matter how offensive, intrusive, maddening, or unjust they are. Penalties are now defined by the IRS as a revenue raising measure. The new mindset is clear: If we can´t tax them, we will penalize them.

Unfortunately, a new era for individual privacy is upon us. We must sacrifice our financial privacy for our financial security. We will accomplish this by staying compliant with reporting requirements and safeguarding our wealth from confiscation via seizure and penalties.

We will prevail by keeping our wealth outside the US and invested in assets that will protect and grow our wealth. That is the mission of today´s international investor."

We at agree with this. You should stay compliant. It does not make any sense to create these offshore structures and fail to comply, subjecting yourself to substantial penalties. Do not get overwhelmed, stay focused on the goal:

Move a portion of your wealth outside of the United States or out of your home country so that you never risk having one government freeze or confiscate all your assets.... Governments all around the world can freeze and confiscate your assets without notice!
Bahamas International Asset Protection (Legacy) Trust  
This is the Ultimate International Asset Protection Vehicle that allows you to diversify and divest your assets OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES in a highly secure and confidential environment. - a Bahamas Irrevocable Discretionary Asset Protection (Dynasty) Trust with an International Trustee and an International Protector that will allow you to "control everything, but own nothing!" ...... A total package value worth tens of thousands of dollars - available at a fraction of the cost.

It is common to hear "offshore planning requires substantial liquidity"; usually because the Attorneys that say this, are the ones that charge  $20,000 - $50,000 to set up an Offshore Trust.

We know better! ..... We have put together a (relatively) simple offshore asset protection structure, inexpensively, that will provide "Bullet Proof" Asset Protection.

We have done this by limiting the activities of the Trustee to the operation of a simple Trust Bank Account and Precious Metals Storage rather than providing expensive "Asset Management Services". Certainly the Trust can hold shares or membership interests in both U.S. and offshore companies, so it is a well rounded, but simplified Trustee Service. The Trust is a perpetual trust so it can be used for legacy estate planning.

Our Package is a comprehensive yet inexpensive package that is unmatched in the industry. This package includes a comprehensive list of services, and THERE ARE NO SURPRISES!

Bahamas International Asset Protection (Dynasty) Trust Package includes:

If this is your first time considering an international solution, the process can be daunting, as the “Know Your Client” (KYC) due diligence checks made by the various offshore service providers, Banks and banking service providers are very thorough. You will need to provide detailed information on the purpose of incorporating and the source of funds to be used to capitalize the company (or Trust). Certified Copies of a passport, a Drivers’ License, a proof of residential address and a professional or banking reference are also required - and these are all required BEFORE we can begin the incorporation or Trust formation process.

Immediately upon receiving your order, we will send you the complete requirements. If you are unable or unwilling to meet these requirements and you inform us of this within the first 48 hours, your order will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund. PLEASE NOTE that any and all client due diligence provided will be held confidentially OUTSIDE of the United States.

Trust + International Protector Service
Price: $3500.00 order

Trust ONLY
Price: $2500.00 order

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