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Wyoming Asset Holding LLC   

The Wyoming Limited Liability Company (rather than a corporation) is one of the best entities available  for U.S. Asset Protection. Unlike in many other states, A Wyoming LLC does not require a business purpose to be formed. Currently, 14 states (California, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Virginia) require a business purpose in order to form an LLC. Because of this, an LLC formed in these states cannot be used to hold an asset to protect it from creditors, unless that is deemed a business purpose in that state.

A Wyoming LLC can be operated as "an investment holding company" or "an investment management company" and simply "hold and manage" assets. In this way "personal assets" can be protected from judgments.

Cash, investment securities, notes, receivables, investment real estate, a personal residence, patents, trademarks, copyrights and shares in a closely held corporation are all eligible. In exchange for transferring assets to the Wyoming LLC, you receive an LLC membership interest.

A Wyoming LLC used in this way is a very powerful asset protection tool. Many wealthy persons spend tens of thousands of dollars developing complex strategies to protect assets. For the average person with moderate assets this strategy is affordable and extremely effective!

It is important to understand that the "Wyoming Asset Holding LLC" that holds these assets should not be used for any other kind of business or consulting. It should not sign any contracts or do anything that may result in liability. If the Wyoming LLC itself is sued all of it’s assets would be put at risk. "High risk" assets and "safe" assets should be separated and not held within the same LLC.

Ready to incorporate a Wyoming Asset Holding LLC? Please order the package below.

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Wyoming Private Incorporation - Maintain Your Anonymity   

This is our most requested package This package is ideal for a variety of Internet, Technology, Consulting or Service businesses and especially necessary for asset protection. This package is ideal as it facilitates the operation of an anonymous Wyoming LLC or anonymous Wyoming Corporation, providing total privacy from the public record as well as basic mail forwarding.

Our Nominee Officer/Director/Manager Service allows you to conduct business privately without your home state involving itself in your Wyoming business. Even if you may not wish for "complete privacy", it is recommended that you maintain "Nominee Services" so that you do not subject your company to taxation or registration in the State where the "Management" is resident. Most states consider a company to be "operating" in the State from which it is "Managed".

By packaging and automating services rather than providing countless "custom" services, we have been able to provide a comprehensive yet inexpensive package that is unmatched in the industry. This package includes a comprehensive list of services, with no setup fee or contract and INCLUDES ALL STATE FILING FEES SO THERE ARE NO SURPRISES!

Please Note that our definition of "anonymous" means that your name will NOT be entered into the PUBLIC RECORDS of the Wyoming Secretary of State.

Package Includes:

  • ALL STATE FILING FEES due the first year:
  • Incorporation Articles filed with State ($100.00 value) description
  • 1,000,000,000 $0.10 Par Value Shares (Corps only) description
** Nominee discount is subject to adjustment if the company is operating/registered in a high-risk state.

Corp/LLC Price: $1275.00 order

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